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    GeorgiaQuilter Makes T-Shirt Quilts


    As a quilter for a number of years, I pinned, basted and marked in order to hand or machine stitch my smaller project, which often took weeks   to complete. I sent quilt tops to long arm machine quilters around the   country and was always pleased with the results. As waiting lists grew and so did my completed quilt tops, I began to think; why not take my love of quilting a step further and work at something for which I have a passion? I   purchased my Gammill long arm quilting machine and a new passion for quilting began. 

     Our quilting system can stitch traditional patterns,   nature, geometric designs, popular pantograph patterns or any of a thousand   designs to suit your needs! There are many ways to personalize your quilt. I   can provide you with edge-to-edge patterns, meandering, and/or custom   quilting. Together we will design a quilt that will be a long lasting treasure! 

    Feel free to contact me to talk about your quilting needs   or submit your order today!

    We Make T-Shirt Quilts


    You provide the tee shirts and fabric and then I will do the rest. I will be happy to help with the selection of fabric. Allow for 8 weeks lead time.

    Traditional T-Shirt Quilt- A Traditional t-shirt quilt is made up of shirts that are all cut the same size, set in a grid pattern with 2” sashing fabric between the blocks and 4” borders. The tee shirt design should be no larger than 14" square. I'll try my best to include as much of the design as possible in shirts that are larger than 14".

    Select the number of shirts you would like in your quilt. Each side of a shirt counts as one shirt, for example, to use the front and back of a shirt, it counts as 2 shirts.

    12 shirts-approx. 48" x 64" quilt - throw  $270
    20 shirts - approx. 64" x 82" quilt - twin  $350

    24 shirts-approx. 64" x 96" quilt-lg twin $400
    30 shirts - approx. 82" x 96" quilt - full $460

    36 shirts - approx. 96" x 96" quilt - queen $560
    42 shirts - approx. 96" x 110" quilt - king $630

    The actual size may vary depending upon the final block size, which is tee shirt dependent. Once all the shirts are selected I will determined the block size and notify you. I will try to maintain a 12" to 14” block. 

    Variable T-Shirt Quilt- A Variable t-shirt quilt, as shown above, is made by varying the size of the t-shirt square. It is a good choice if your shirts have a lot of small pocket logos or for polo shirts. This style quilt has 2” sashing fabric between the blocks and 4” borders. The tee shirt design should be no wider than 14" and can be any length. Shirts wider than 14" may be used, however, the orientation of the shirt may be changed (vertical horizontal if the design allows) to accommodate the size of the shirt. 

    Select the number of shirts you would like in your quilt. Each side of a shirt, pocket or other design counts as one shirt, for example, to use the pocket and back of a shirt, it counts 

    as 2 shirts.

    Up to 21 shirts - throw size - $370 

    Up to 30 shirts - twin size - $475.00
    Up to 36 shirts - full size - $595.00
    Up to 42 shirts - queen size - $675.00 

    Up to 50 shirts - king size - $780.00 

    Please note the above prices do not include batting or quilting.

    Quilting Price


    Basic* Patterns

    $0.0275   Per Sq. Inch ~ min $50.00


    Semi-Custom** Patterns 

    $0.045   Per Sq. Inch ~ min. $75.00


    Custom Quilting *** (starting at)

    $0.06   Per Sq. Inch ~ min. $150.00


    Basting for Hand Quilters

    $0.02   Per Sq. Inch


    Hobbs  80/20 96" wide $8.00 sq yd

    Quilters Dream Cotton $11.00 sq yd

    Hobbs 100% Wool  $14.00 sq yd


    Specialty Thread  $6 - $12 per quilt


    Thread  Color Change $2.00 each change


    Machine Apply Binding ***2-1/4" or 2/1/2" double fold binding only -   stitched on one side $0.12 per running   inch


    Complete Binding  -Hand stitched

    $0.35   per running inch


    Set up charge quilts 

    over 96"  wide $15.00


    Squaring back $20.00


    Hanging Sleeve $0.35   per running inch

    RUSH Orders are subject to 

    an additional charge of $15.00 

    (A rush order is any order 

    that has a deadline for completion)

    Shipping and handling: 

    Georgia $15.00 Out of State $20.00

    Calculating your quilting cost -

    NOTE: Per Square Inch  (width x length of your quilt top=Sq. Inch) 


    **Basic Pattern is indicated edge to edge or pantograph patterns.  


    **Semi-Custom designs are found in   repeat block, corner and border         



    ***Custom designs are show quality combinations of block, corner,

    border and sashing patterns or freehand designs to   create  

    that perfect look for your quilt. 


    Cost is quoted by individual project

    To estimate the cost of your project the following is an example:

    Quilt top (w x h) 60" x 60" = 3,600 sq. inch

    **Basic Patterns $.0275  x  3,600 =    $99.00

    ***Semi Custom : $.045  x  3,600 =  $162.00

    ***Custom (starting at) $.06 x3,600 = $216.00

    • Basting only .005 x 3,600 = $18

    Order Preperation

    Proper preparation of your quilt top and quilt back is essential to a good result, so please read the following carefully. Any preparations that you choose to have me do (e.g. seaming backing, pressing seams, etc.) will be billed at $20/hr. 

    Once your order is received at GeorgiaQuilter I will e-mail to confirm the pattern choice, thread, batting, pricing and completion date. 

    No stitch will be taken prior to   this process.



    The three layers of your quilt will be loaded on the machine independent of one another.  Please do not pin or baste them together.

    • The batting  and backing should measure at least six (preferred 8”) inches longer and six (preferred 8”) inches wider than your quilt top. For example, if your quilt top measures 60" x 80", the batting and backing should measure at least 68" x 88".

    Quilt Top

    Press seams well.  Be sure the top lies flat.  Ripples and "puffy" places will not quilt flat.

    • The top should be free of embellishments such as buttons and beads.
    • Clip all loose threads from the back, that may show through lite fabric, as well as all threads on top.
    • A row of stay stitching, applied ¼ inch or less from the edge of the quilt top, will prevent stretching and seam pulling during the machine quilting process.
    • If your quilt has a definite "head", please apply a pin or piece of masking tape to the quilt top and backing to identify it.


    If you send batting, please check the package to be sure it is suitable for machine quilting.  I do not stock a large batting inventory, but offer some of my favorites if you would like to purchase batting from me.  See price list for batting cost.


    Sides should be straight, and the backing squared.  Press backing and all seams.  Backing should measure 8" wider and 8"  longer than the quilt top.  Bed sheets are not suitable.  Backs that require squaring or pressing will incur an       additional charge. 


    Please cut 2-1/4 or 2-1/2 inch straight grain binding strips.  The number of strips is calculated by measuring width + length + width     + length + 8".   Divide that number by the width of fabric to determine your number of strips.  Always calculate up if your measurement is a fraction.  Example:  54" + 75" + 54" + 75" + 8" = 266" divided by 42"  width of fabric) = 6.333 strips you would provide 7 strips. Stitch all needed strips together and press in half, wrong sides facing, to complete you binding. Corners will be mitered then applied.   

    • Binding cost  is calculated by the linear inch (width + length + width + length).    See Quilting price for cost.


    Files may take some time to open

    Kids (pdf)


    Holiday Patterns (pdf)


    Sports Patterns (pdf)


    E2E Floral (pdf)


    E2E Hearts and Stars (pdf)


    E2E Swirls and Feathers (pdf)


    E2E Themed Patterns (pdf)


    Borders and Sashing (pdf)


    All E2E (pdf)



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